Our client was looking to acquire a private media company and compensate management for the completion of the acquisition. The Compensation Committee retained Hugessen to provide a conceptual framework market context to determine the CEO’s allocation of a Bonus Retention Pool (“BRP”) of up to $45M to recognize the acquisition’s success.


Analysis/Work Completed

In order to fully understand the situation at hand and provide relevant context, we completed the following:

  • Provided an overview of the competitiveness of existing pay levels and design

  • Reviewed market precedents of similar transactions and success bonus awards, as well as post-transaction arrangements

  • Conducted an analysis of the absolute and relative total shareholder value creation over the CEO’s tenure



Hugessen presented a framework for decision making regarding an appropriate bonus amount, considerations of which included:

  • Value creation during CEO tenure

  • Continued CEO support during sale process

  • Post-transaction commitment from CEO to join the Board of the acquirer