Shareholder Engagement – Support Services

In recent years, the power and influence of the shareholder community in boardrooms across North America has grown immensely. Institutional shareholders are increasingly seeking direct access to board members, and demanding directors be accountable against a higher set of governance expectations. As a result, many board members feel a need to better understand the shareholder community – who they are, how they vote, and how to have constructive dialogue with them, not just proxy advisors.

Hugessen & Hall is a partnership between two leading executive compensation consultants, working together to support Boards of public companies in understanding and engaging with the global institutional shareholder community.

We offer a broad range of Board-focused advice and support to clients across North America, including:

  1. Global network of relationships with institutional shareholder community
  2. Deep experience supporting Boards on director-led shareholder engagement
  3. Comprehensive executive compensation capabilities
  4. Extensive knowledge on board-related corporate governance matters
  5. Broad expertise across a range of public and private issuers and industries
  6. Enhanced financial performance analytics and expertise

We have four North American offices (New York City, Toronto, Calgary, and Montreal) and approximately 35 professionals.

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