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SBCG’s client offerings mirror our own, in their commitment to providing thoughtful compensation and governance solutions to a broad range of leading US companies. Both firms share common values of independence and integrity. Through this partnership, current and prospective clients of both firms will be offered the joint reputations, knowledge, and capabilities of two of North America’s preeminent consultancies. SBCG’s industry expertise and experience supporting a broad cross-section of leading U.S. companies will complement Hugessen’s industry expertise and deep understanding and relationships with the North American institutional shareholder community.

As boards face an environment of increasing investor activity and influence, battle-hardened experience, creative problem solving, and industry expertise are invaluable. Together, Hugessen and SBCG will capitalize on each firm’s respective strengths and offer a broader range of board-side services and market insights, including:

  • Expanded industry expertise across the full spectrum of public and private organizations, including institutional pension and sovereign wealth funds, financial services and asset management, technology and other high-growth sectors (e.g. cannabis), oil & gas and global brand/consumer companies
  • Comprehensive knowledge of securities law, taxation, regulations, and accounting principles across North America
  • A global network of relationships within the institutional shareholder community to provide real-time insights on evolving shareholder priorities and support director-led engagements with shareholders and proxy advisors
  • Enhanced financial performance analytics to support boards with corporate and CEO performance goal-setting and evaluation

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Hugessen has also developed relationships with leading UK and Continental Europe-based executive compensation advisory firms.