We support Boards in their efforts to attract and retain directors with relevant expertise and diverse backgrounds.


Competitive Pay Benchmarks


Director Retention


Director Pay Structures

Our Approach

We work closely with Boards to ensure their approach to the director compensation program is appropriate in the context of the business, and competitive relative to market practice. Whether it is reviewing the normal course director compensation programs, or advising on pay for extraordinary director roles, we have the expertise to ensure our clients are able to make informed decisions in the best interest of the company and its stakeholders.

Areas of Expertise

  • Director, Board Chair and Board Committee fee structures
  • Pay levels and pay mix (cash and equity retainers, meeting fees, etc.)
  • Director compensation peer group development
  • Considerations for multi-national companies and/or directors including foreign currency exchange treatment, competitive pay benchmarks
  • Voluntary cash deferral programs
  • Director share ownership guidelines
  • Travel fees
  • Special committee fees