We advise our clients in various special situations, ranging from supporting shareholder engagement, providing advice during challenging situations (e.g. activism, conflicts or major strategic challenges), and providing support through IPO.


Support through IPO


Shareholder Engagement


Challenging Situations

Our Approach

Executive compensation considerations when going public include:

Assessing Implications

We help our clients navigating broad implications of going public (i.e. disclosure requirements, responsibilities of independent directors, shareholder scrutiny and influence)

Evaluating Readiness

We assess and propose recommendations to our clients’ executive compensation programs and governance practices to ensure alignment with relevant practices and the shareholder expectations of public companies

Reviewing Compliance

We, along with our clients’ legal counsel, review disclosure and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Implementing Policies

We help our client in maturing their Board-level governance policies, and provide insight in new public company shareholders’ growing governance expectations