By first examining the “big picture,” we understand the organization's strategic direction as definitions of success.


Competitive Market & Peer Group


Pay Positioning & Pay-for-Performance


Strategic Alignment

Our Approach

We work with clients across a range of industries to set the strategic vision for their pay programs. In partnership with the client, we determine how compensation will guide and influence the company’s broader culture and strategy.

Understanding Our Client’s Context

When reviewing a pay philosophy, we consider our client’s reality, including its history, its corporate and HR strategies within its current environment, and how these relate to their key stakeholders

Determining the Pay Philosophy

We engage and facilitate discussions among the Committee and management to lay out the foundations and key guidelines supporting their future pay philosophy. This exercise includes having challenging discussions surrounding the comparator group, pay positioning, and defining pay-for-performance

Articulating the Pay Philosophy

We support our clients in articulating a pay philosophy, and supporting related disclosure that tells a compelling story while satisfying key shareholders and advisory groups' expectations