Budget 2024 - Capital Gains and Stock Options

David Crawford  | April 2024

On April 16, 2024, the federal government tabled its 2024 budget with an overarching theme of providing “fairness for every generation”.  This brief note focuses on capital gains and stock option taxation.

Part II: Say on Pay: Impact of Proxy Advisor Voting Recommendations

Kevin Zhu  | April 2024

In Part II of our Say on Pay series, Hugessen explores the impact of proxy advisor recommendations on Say on Pay votes – see Part I (link) for the most common rationale of low Say on Pay outcomes.

Part I: Most Common Reasons for a Low Say On Pay Vote (2023)

In this briefing, we delve into the most common reasons why shareholders vote against a company’s advisory vote on executive compensation (Say on Pay). We also highlight the reasons why proxy advisory firms (Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and Glass Lewis) commonly recommend voting against Say on Pay. In Part II, Hugessen will conduct an analysis assessing the impact that a negative recommendation from one or both proxy advisors might have on a company’s Say on Pay vote.

Unraveling Executive Compensation: A Deep Dive into Realized and Realizable Pay Analysis

Richard Liu  | February 2024

This video and article will delve into the intricacies of executive compensation. In this installment, we will explore the concept of realized and realizable pay analysis, and shed light on the alignment between executive pay and actual performance.

Understanding Compensation Peer Groups

Brian Lees  | February 2024

In this article, we focus on Compensation Peer Groups, exploring their significance and the process of establishing them to inform pay decisions within an organization.

Cultivating a High Performing Board: The Key to Effective Collaboration

Ciara Wakita  | February 2024

Boards of directors today are under increased pressure to deliver results. Both external stakeholders and those within the organization expect boards to generate value through strategic decision-making. An effective board is more than a group of individuals; it's a cohesive unit that makes decisions to create, preserve, and protect value, ultimately serving as a strategic asset for the organization.

Privatization Transactions: Compensation Considerations

Emily Parsons, Andena Xhiku  | January 2024

Following a few years of high valuations and numerous initial public offerings (“IPOs”), 2023 saw a dwindling of IPO activity and many companies going private. Against this backdrop, this article focuses on the compensation implications of a privatization event, specifically as it relates to equity compensation for the executive team.

Fall 2023 Director Pulse Survey

The 2023 edition of our Director Pulse Survey captures prevailing sentiment on corporate performance, board priorities, expected 2023 incentive payouts and action, ESG in compensation, human capital challenges, and board effectiveness. 

Decoding Discretion: A Framework for Strategic Decision Making

Julia Hunt, Shana Srikaruna  | January 2024

With year-end decisions approaching,  Compensation Committees may find themselves contemplating discretionary adjustments to their companies’ incentive outcomes. In the absence of a “one-size-fits-all” solution, this insightful article empowers directors with a strategic framework to navigate this challenging process.

ISS and Glass Lewis Update Guidelines for 2024 (Canada)

Richard Liu, Solomon Coupal, Jake Kim  | January 2024

ISS and Glass Lewis have released their policy guideline changes for 2024, including new perspectives on executive share ownership guidelines and clawback policies. Check out our summary of the updates on compensation and governance-related topics for the Canadian market.