What is Compensation Philosophy?

Brian Lees  | November 2023

In today's fast-paced business world, a well-defined Compensation Philosophy is the cornerstone of any successful talent management program.

2023 Proxy Season Insights: TSX60 Shareholder Proposals

Miles Fazzalari , Solomon Coupal  | October 2023

As part of our annual review of the 2023 TSX60 issuer proxy circulars, we have analyzed the shareholder proposals submitted to these issuers to better understand how shareholder expectations / concerns have evolved over the years.

Let's stop calling them "Board Evaluations"

Ciara Wakita, Peter Stephenson  | September 2023

Board evaluations are not evaluations at all, or at least they shouldn’t feel like one.

ESG in Compensation: Learnings from the 2023 Proxy Season

Emily Parsons, Julia Hunt  | September 2023

Every year, Hugessen Consulting conducts a review of the proxy circulars filed by the constituents of the S&P / TSX60 Index to report on trends in executive compensation and related governance practices among Canada’s largest and most influential companies. This article summarizes our findings related to ESG metrics in these companies’ executive compensation programs in respect of fiscal 2022.

ESG IN COMPENSATION SERIES 6 OF 6: Target Setting: Considerations For ESG Metrics

Kevin Zhu, Breanna Schollaardt  | August 2023

Part 5 of our series outlined how to effectively weigh considerations when determining the importance of metrics in incentive programs This article focuses on the key considerations for calibrating and setting targets when incorporating ESG metrics into incentive plans.

Webinar: Beyond 2023 Proxy Season Insights

Michelle Tan, Scott Munn  | July 2023

Hugessen hosted a webinar in connection with the ICD in which we delved into the key observations and learnings from the 2022 pay disclosure while offering invaluable insights into the emerging issues and topics shaping the governance landscape in the coming months.

Are you ‘Overboarded’?

Ciara Wakita, Peter Stephenson  | July 2023

Despite plenty of guidance about how many boards are too many, the answer comes down to personal performance.
Proxy advisory firms suggest directors limit themselves to a maximum of five boards. The key factor, however, is whether each member’s personal contribution is enough to earn them a seat at the table.

Canadian IPO LTIP and Equity Plan Design

Richard Liu  | July 2023

For companies considering an initial public offering (IPO), an important factor to carefully consider is the design of the long-term incentive plan (LTIP). To gain insights into prevailing LTIP practices, Hugessen conducted extensive research focusing on 45 IPOs listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. 

Meet Peter Stephenson

Peter Stephenson  | July 2023

Peter, an organizational psychologist and consultant, specializes in enhancing Board effectiveness. With extensive experience, including advising Boards, CEOs, and executive teams on diverse issues from evaluations to culture and CEO performance, Peter's strategic and behavioral insights make him a trusted advisor in strengthening leadership and organizational performance.

In the latest edition of our 'Insights in Action' video series, Peter talks about how Hugessen's board effectiveness practice helps clients increase the value they add. As an independent, objective third party, Hugessen’s Board Effectiveness team partners with Boards to help them raise their game.

Meet Reanna Dorscher

Reanna Dorscher  | July 2023

Reanna Dorscher, a seasoned advisor and Partner at Hugessen, brings over 15 years of expertise in strategic compensation design, specializing in complex scenarios like IPOs, change in control, and executive succession planning. Reanna champions shareholder engagement and co-leads the Calgary office. Reanna's diverse experience includes a successful tenure as Total Rewards Lead for a mid-sized oil and gas firm and HR generalist roles, underscoring her versatile skill set and deep understanding of organizational dynamics.

In the latest edition of our 'Insights in Action' video series, Reanna Dorscher emphasizes the firm's boutique service offering, highlighting their commitment to truly understanding each client's unique needs. Reanna addresses the current challenges of volatility and stakeholder expectations, stressing the importance of transparency in problem-solving. Reanna's client-centric approach involves consistent feedback, adaptability, and close collaboration. She values becoming a trusted advisor to successful individuals and finds particular fulfillment in guiding clients through high-stress situations. Reanna's dedication reflects the firm's culture of ownership and an entrepreneurial mindset, prioritizing the best interests of both Hugessen and their clients.