Brian joined Hugessen as an Analyst in June of 2014. He has conducted market research and competitor analysis, most notably in the Materials and Energy sectors.

Brian also has experience in operational performance analysis, budget variance analysis, and performance reporting. 


Prior to joining Hugessen, Brian worked a summer term with TransCanada in the Cost and Capital Accounting department. He also spent a work term in China as a Market Analyst with HTDT Gold, a Beijing based firm specializing in gold retail and trading. In his final two years of undergraduate studies, Brian was selected for the Program for Research and Investment Management Excellence (PRIME), a student-run portfolio management program at the University of Alberta. Through PRIME, Brian has gained experience in equity research, financial modeling, and portfolio management. 


Brian graduated from the University of Alberta School of Business with a major in finance and a minor in accounting. During Brian’s final year of school, he won the Western Canadian CFA Research Challenge and went on to a final four placement in the America’s Final.

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