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Environmental Measures in Executive Compensation in Canada’s Extractive Industry: 3 Target-Setting Approaches

Many of Canada’s largest extractive companies have set ambitious environmental goals with long-term horizons (e.g., 2040 or 2050 net zero goals). One tangible way for companies to incentivize progress and demonstrate commitment to their environmental goals is by tying executive pay to specific climate metrics.

This article provides case studies of how 3 organizations that have each made 2050 net zero commitments incorporate environmental measures into their incentive programs using various target-setting approaches.


2021 Say-On-Pay Results Canada

The 2021 proxy season took place in context of an unprecedented pandemic and offered shareholders a unique opportunity to express their views on executive compensation decisions. Hugessen’s latest article highlights the trends in Canadian Say-on-Pay results in 2021, and explores the historical correlation between company performance and Say-on-Pay support.