We support our clients in navigating the tension between the need to retain talent using equity in a competitive environment, managing shareholder expectations and ensuring relevant governance practices are in place.

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Dilution & Burn Rate

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Share Reserve Size & Terms


Market Context & Stakeholders Expectations

Our Approach

Our professionals are available to support at any stage of the development or renewal of a share reserve for purposes of equity-based compensation.


We conduct dilution and burn rates analyses related to equity compensation.  Our analyses are complemented by market considerations, including practices of similar size/industry peers


Reserve Size

We help our clients determine the share reserve size based on their needs, and taking into consideration affordability and the appropriate degree of sharing between management and the owner(s) of the business

Reserve Terms & Provisions

We draft or review term sheets for underlying equity incentive programs, and we help our clients align their plans to their preferred governance practices.  We also support our clients on how to structure effective disclosure