Executive Compensation Strategy and Design

Helping the board apply judgement to make the best decisions on executive pay, by considering business strategy, risk management, and available market information

Compensation Governance and Shareholder Support

Supporting the board’s reporting of pay decisions and rationale to stakeholders
measuring tools

Corporate Performance Measurement and Assessment

Measuring the linkage between corporate performance and compensation outcomes

Director Compensation

Providing advice on the effectiveness of existing director pay programs in both a public market environment and a private company context

Board Effectiveness

Working with boards to improve their effectiveness and raise the bar for their own performance

CEO Performance Management

Evaluating CEO performance in an environment of heightened scrutiny

CEO Transition Planning

Selecting a CEO is one of the Board’s most significant opportunities to drive value and one of its most important responsibilities. Intentional preparation and ongoing commitment to CEO transition ensures the business is well positioned for succession and is prepared for emergency circumstances.