Meet Emily Parsons

June 2023

“The Compensation Committee has attracted more scrutiny over time, and the responsibility of the chair has become even greater.”            

              -Emily Parsons

As a Manager based in the Toronto office, Emily focuses on important moments in a company's growth, such as going public through IPOs or RTOs, and handling mergers and strategic reviews.  In these special situations, companies need to take a deep dive to figure out if their incentive programs are set up to achieve their goals.

In the latest edition of our “Insights in Action” video series, Emily talks about the vital role of tailored approaches in guiding compensation decisions and fostering collaboration with clients. She emphasizes the significance of understanding unique business needs and principles as the foundation for crafting creative solutions, particularly in complex situations. Emily highlights the value of early and open communication and the strategic use of guiding principles to achieve alignment and facilitate effective decision-making.