Meet Ken Hugessen

June 2023

“One of our strengths is knowing what's going on in the shareholder community and helping our clients to position whatever it is they feel they need to do in a way that makes sense to shareholders.”            

              -Ken Hugessen


Ken founded Hugessen Consulting in 2006 to meet the growing demand from boards for direct access to independent advice on executive compensation and related performance and governance matters.

In the latest edition of our 'Insights in Action' video series, Ken talks about the fundamental factors contributing to the firm's success. He highlights the unwavering belief in the quality of their team and the diligent processes in selecting and developing individuals. This belief has led to the formation of a team he considers as exceptional contributors. Ken also delves into the critical role of fostering strong client relationships, emphasizing the firm's commitment to excellence and innovation. He shares insights on the evolving role of boards in enhancing their performance and navigating shareholder expectations. Ken's perspective underscores the significance of accountability, particularly in the context of say on pay and majority voting mechanisms, and acknowledges the essential role of the people who have chosen to be a part of the firm's journey.