Meet Kevin Zhu

July 2023

“My asset management background complements my compensation expertise, aligning solutions with client realities.”

- Kevin Zhu

Kevin, a Manager at Hugessen, brings extensive experience advising companies in finance, real estate, and industrials. His background includes valuable insights gained from one of Canada’s largest independent asset management firm, contributing to strategic growth and industry expertise.

In the latest edition of our 'Insights in Action' video series, Kevin talks about his four-year tenure at Hugessen, where he specializes in helping companies optimize their compensation and governance programs. His client-centric approach is a hallmark of his work, underpinned by a thorough understanding of clients' businesses and industry landscapes. Kevin's unique background in asset management enriches his expertise in this field, ensuring solutions align with client  realities. He emphasizes early discussions to avert last-minute issues, earning clients' appreciation for proactive advice. Kevin's commitment extends to the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) Director Education Program; empowering directors with compensation fundamentals and valuable decision-making tools.